Advertising Space

Why not try an unusual advertising medium? You can have a banner on the attraction at an existing event, or hire the complete attraction to appear at your chosen venue!

Banner Adverts

We are offering a banner display service on our Helter Skelters. For a small charge you can have your banner displayed upto 36 feet in the air for all to see.

Display slots are available in 2 sizes, the largest is 6 ft x 4 ft, of which there are 4 spaces available at the very top of the attraction. The other banners are 5ft x 2 ft and fasten along the sides of the chutes (the part of the ride you actually slide down). There are 8 slots available on this part of the ride.



    • 5x2 slot     20-00 per event
    • 6x4 Slot     40-00 per event
    • This service can be used to support your event, why not offer space to your leading sponsors?  Alternatively E-mail us for a list of upcoming events and add your banner to any event that ties in with your customer base.

      Banner sizes are given as length x width. You are responsible for providing a banner printed to your specifications either on plastic sheeting or foamex panels.

      Complete Custom Service

      We can offer the entire attraction for hire to appear at any venue. You can decorate it to reflect your chosen theme. Contact us for details and pricing

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